List of New Things

This is the running list of the new things I do this year. Want to see something else on here? Leave me a comment!
  1. Received a Tiffany's blue box
  2. Jersey Shore'd Myself
  3. Introduced My Parents to My Boyfriend's Parents
  4. Set 1, 5 and 10 Year Goals
  5. Learned the Alphabet Backwards
  6. Learned How to Play FIFA for XBox
  7. Applied and Wore Fake Fingernails
  8. Folded an Origami Crane
  9. Listened to Korean AM Radio
  10. Ate a Meal at a Real Restaurant, Alone
  11. Went to Flip Burger and Drank a Milkshake Made with Liquid Nitrogen
  12. Took a Bath in My Garden Tub and Used a Bath Bomb
  13. Saw So You Think You Can Dance Live
  14. Wore Silly Bandz 
  15. Learned all the Lyrics to and Sang Ice Ice Baby 
  16. Gave Money to Support Roswell Firefighters 
  17. Car Danced with the People in the Car Next to Me
  18. Learned how to fill up my tires with air
  19. Got Reflexology 
  20. Sent a Care Package to the Troops 
  21. Read a Magazine Like a Book
  22. Watched Glee 
  23. Ate a Krispy Kreme Doughnut when the Hot Sign was on 
  24. Stargazed on the hood of a car 
  25. Shamelessly Promoted My Blog
  26. Visited a Pet Cemetery
  27. Bought and Shot Off a Firework 
  28. Played Mahjong
  29. Used a 5-hour Energy
  30. Watched "The Rescue" in Chile 
  31. Wrote a "Positivity Blog"
  32. Met Long-lost Relatives 
  33. Blew a Bubble Gum Bubble as Big as my Face 
  34. Flew a Helicopter
  35. Did a Yoga Handstand 
  36. Saw Adam Carolla Live  
  37. Created and Named my Own Chocolate Bar 
  38. Sent a Secret to Postsecret 
  39. Hosted Mark's Parents in our Apartment for Dinner and a Movie 
  40. Attended Taste of Atlanta where I sampled Chicken and Waffles (among other delicious things) 
  41. Saw Moulin Rouge, The Ballet 
  42. Wrote and Performed a Poem when not prompted by some homework assignment 
  43. Discovered and Bought the Mumford & Sons CD 
  44. Created Tableaux of Historical Battles with Little Green Men  
  45. Ate Gold
  46. Ate Brains  
  47. Was Invited to Dinner with Strangers 
  48. Went to a Movie Alone 
  49. Drew a Cartoon Leah
  50. Blogged Under the Influence (aka BUI) 
  51. Started Reading a Fantasy Novel 
  52. Watched Top Gun 
  53. Made a Mentos and Coke Fountain 
  54. Went to the Decatur Art Walk
  55. Scored a Container of Really Fancy 'Fancy Sauce' from Iberian Pig
  56. Ingested Mentos and Coke
  57. Attended a Meditation Class/Ceremony at a Tibetan Monastery 
  58. Pulled Into a Gas Station with Zero Miles Left in my Tank 
  59. Boxed with an Amateur Fighter 
  60. Cooked Mom's Chili
  61. Did Half-Lotus Tree Pose 
  62. Re-designed the Look of IANTM
  63. Brunched at Rosebud and Sampled their Fried Chicken
  64. Danced at a Twisted Taco (VIDEO)
  65. Watched Mark Hit on Cougars (VIDEO)
  66. Played 'Words with Friends' 
  67. Ate Vegan for a Day 
  68. Flew on the Flying Trapeze (and other Circus tricks) 
  69. Removed a Stamp From an Envelope 
  70. Read a Sci-Fi Novel--Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 
  71. Colored my Hair 
  72. Made Towel Animals 
  73. Left a Book at Borders and a Note for the Finder to Find the Blog!!
  74. Learned How to Pick a Lock 
  75. Celebrated Friendsgiving 
  76. Brought a dish to Thanksgiving 
  77. Went Ice Skating at The Rink at Park Tavern 
  78. Went to A Gay Bar
  79. Was the Best Wing-Woman Ever
  80. Performed a Yoga Demonstration at Lululemon's Lenox Store Opening 
  81. Saw 127 Hours, the Movie 
  82. Worked out to the Shake Weight Instructional Video 
  83. Took the First Step to Becoming an Entrepreneur 
  84. Traded a Penny Stock 
  85. Went to a PRSA Meeting 
  86. Attended a Professional Boxing Match
  87. Attended the John Lennon Art Exhibit Benefiting the Atlanta Children's Shelter and Learned that John Lennon was an Artist Artist 
  88. Watched a Creed Concert on Palladia 
  89. Played Free Rice 
  90. Met Korto from Project Runway
  91. Attempted to Send Free Mail 
  92. Went to the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert 
  93. Decorated the Apartment with a REAL Christmas Tree 
  94. Met Richard Blais from Top Chef
  95. Learned how to use Wordpress
  96. Researched Buddha's Hand, the Fruit 
  97. Took a Mensa Practice test (under the influence) 
  98. Made fire without matches, a lighter, lighter fluid, a starter log, etc.
  99. Carved initials into a tree
  100. Used a hatchet
  101. Carved a banana and turned it into banana smores 
  102. Went antiquing (sort of)
  103. Attended a Core Fusion Class at Exhale MindBody Spa 
  104. Received Christmas Cards Addressed to Me
  105. Did something I can't say on the blog
  106. Made cookies with only a spoon
  107. Experienced a White Christmas in Atlanta, the first time since 1882
  108. Ate honeycomb 
  109. De-iced my windshield with a knife and spatula
  110. Baked a Cake--which was a birthday cake, and also a carrot cake
  111. Used Nair 
  112. Sabered Champagne 
  113. Rang in the New Year with Korean Karaoke
  114. Made Stuffed Bell Peppers
  115. Found "The Vice Guide to Everything" and Deemed it my New Favorite Show
  116. Played Hooky from Work
  117. Checked out my Birth Chart
  118. Learned How to Read Palms
  119. Ate Sea Urchin Sushi
  120. Dressed in Grunge
  121. Saw the Most Snow I've Ever Seen in My Life
  122. Tried to Freeze a Popsicle Outside
  123. Worked from Home 
  124. Ote-wray an ost-pay in-ay Ig-Pay Atin-Lay
  125. Did a clapping push up 
  126. Had my First One Year Job Review
  127. Tried Astanga Yoga 
  128. Ate a Kumquat 
  129. Opened a Coconut with my Bare Hands 
  130. Started Training for the Chattahoochee Road Runner 10K  
  131. Googled "Leah Looks Like..."
  132. Attended a grand opening party
  133. Made & Ate Baked Brie
  134. Watched The September Issue
  135. Used a P-Touch Labeler
  136. Got my First Free Yoga Class for Starting Atlanta Yoga Scene
  137. Finished Watching the Second Season of Daria
  138. Tested the Urban Myth about Putting Vapor-Rub on Feet to Stop Coughing at Night
  139. Watched Eat, Pray, Love
  140. Went to Walgreen's Take Care Clinic
  141. Tried Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra
  142. Enjoyed a Sunday Funday
  143. Traveled to San Diego for Business
  144. Partied at the Hard Rock
  145. Took a Red Eye Flight
  146. Lived through February 3, 2011 
  147. Introduced Mark to Guster
  148. Bowled with a 15 Pound Ball
  149. Switched my Dominant Hand for a Day
  150. Wore an Eye Patch 
  151. Hired a Virtual Assistant 
  152. Used Anti-Aging Cream 
  153. Bought a Share of a Llama
  154. Interviewed a Yoga Teacher
  155. Attended Oyesterfest
  156. Bought Neverwhere, the First Fantasy Book I'm Going to Finish
  157. Gave a Balloon as a Gift
  158. Sprinted (on a treadmill)
  159. Bought a Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates for Myself
  160. Ran All the Way Around Chastain Park (almost)
  161. Ate Veal Liver
  162. Got My Eyebrows Threaded
  163. Got a Manicure in Black
  164. Colored Mark's Goatee
  165. Wrote Fanmail  
  166. Finished Reading a Fantasy Book
  167. Flew with Mark
  168. Ate at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR
  169. Hung Out in Portland and Did Lots of New Things
  170. Read in Powell's City of Books 
  171. Ate from a Food Truck 
  172. Ran All the Way Around Chastain Park
  173. Made and Played with Oobleck
  174. Read an Advance Copy of a Book
  175. Learned All the Names of Ingredients of Paella in Spanish
  176. Ran the Chattahoochee Road Runners 10K
  177. Adopted a Puppy
  178. Unsuccessfully Did Yoga with my Hair Down
  179. Learned How to Play the Lottery by Failing at it 4 Times
  180. Drank a "Shorty"
  181. Played the Numbers on the Back of a Fortune Cookie Fortune
  182. Made Lunch for Mark
  183. Walked along Roswell Road
  184. Dined on a Puppy Patio
  185. Bought Juice for a Two-Day Detox 
  186. Did the First Day of A Juice Cleanse 
  187. Did the Second Day of A Juice Cleanse
  188. Picked a Bracket for March Madness
  189. Paid the Toll of the Person Behind Me
  190. Made Peep Sushi
  191. Did Zumba
  192. Fried a Bratwurst
  193. Turned off Cable TV for a Week
  194. Scooped Poop
  195. Made Art with MS Excel
  196. Visited Oni Fitness and Did Candlelight Yoga
  197. Washed a Dog
  198. Went to Mark's Parent's House Without Him
  199. Watched American History X
  200. Was the First Person to Ever Take a Class
  201. Did My Taxes
  202. Had Homemade Greek Yogurt, Made by a Greek Man
  203. Got a Hater for Atlanta Yoga Scene
  204. Went to Canoe
  205. Drank a Monster as Big as My Head
  206. Worked out with Kettlebells
  207. Ate Ice Cream for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  208. Resolved to Start Wearing Make Up
  209. Celebrated a Two-Year Anniversary
  210. Brushed my Teeth Outside
  211. Drank a Beer in the Shower
  212. Watched The Godfather
  213. Went to a Dog Park
  214. Got an i-Phone