Day 154: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

So I don't know how this will sound, but I've done stranger things before, I guess. On Day 154, I bought myself a heart-shaped box of Valentine's chocolates.

It's a not-so complicated story. I go to Kroger most days to pick up something for lunch at work. That way, I tend to eat less (pita bread and hummus, an apple), don't eat fast food, save money because I can eat that pita bread and hummus for four days, etc. Well, Day 154 was two days after Valentine's and upon walking into the store, I saw just gobs and gobs of candy that needed a home...and was discounted LIKE CRAZY. $9.00 boxes of chocolates down to $4.00. Bags of perfectly good fun-sized Snickers, covered in heart wrapping, 25% off.

I just...couldn't...resist...the deal!

But when I thought about actually BUYING one of those things AFTER V-Day, it's crazy uncomfortable. You look like you're single, desperate and making up for it, or that you're negligent of your own health, or just over-indulgent. It's so strange how purchasing a heart-shaped box of crappy chocolate is sweet and assumed for someone else when you buy it before V-Day, but an admission of a higher problem after V-Day.

Or do I just think too hard?


  1. You think too hard, but I love you anyway. =P