Day 152: My Funny Valentine

Mark and I decided that for this Valentine's Day we'd go simple. No fancy restaurants, no exorbitantly priced boxes of chocolates. Instead, we'd make dinner together, eat by candlelight, rent a Redbox movie ("Date Night" with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey), and call it a night. No pretense, just small demonstrations of love and togetherness.

I appreciated this idea a LOT, but I still had to get Mark something for Valentine's Day! Even just the tiniest thing. I went through a whole bunch of ideas that I really liked, that definitely didn't fit into our plan. Couples massage! Complete series of a TV show we watch! Celebrity chef cookbooks!

Too much ostentatious show for a simple event. I already knew I was going to make dessert, so I headed over to Kroger, where I thought I'd find inspiration too. The first thing I saw walking in was a grown woman carrying a balloon, and I knew that was going to be right for me. Corny? Hell yes. Sweet? You betcha. Inexpensive? Done. New thing? Yes, in fact. I had never bought someone a balloon before!

Happy Belated V-Day all! With love from Mark and his balloon.

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