Day 136: Take Care Clinic

On this day, Mark's nephew Hudson was getting baptized, and I really wanted to go. I was excited about seeing a Catholic baptism. Having been raised in a protestant church, I'm always curious about the other half. However, this day was super bad, because my illness had just gotten worse and worse. Not a time to join together with family and a baby and spread coughs, sneezes, drippy noses and handshakes.

I'm sure you understand.

Instead, I took myself over to the Take Care Clinic at Walgreen's. For those who haven't heard about these places, they're clinics located inside a pharmacy (CVS has one too), and the treatments are especially cheap. If you've got a cough and cold, they can help take care of them very quickly and professionally. When you walk into the clinic, there's a menu of prices for medical services like checkups, treatments for cold and rashes, etc. It's a good alternative to waiting a long time in an urgent care clinic for the same services at a higher price. For someone without health insurance (like myself), it's a godsend.

I finally broke down and got treated because my flight to San Diego was on Monday (this was Saturday) and I was hoping to feel better before getting on an airplane. I can stomach working with a cold, but flying? No. Way.

Nothing too much to report about the experience. I got in and out in 30 minutes tops, from sign-in to prescription filling. I can also say that the treatment I got worked (double ear infection, check!) and that it was super cheap and something I recommend for everyone--health insurance or not.

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