Day 151: Fantasy Revival

So a while back, I started reading a fantasy book, which I promptly put down due to much internal mocking and gave to Borders. Well kids, after a long hiatus, I finally bought a new fantasy book. The general consensus on the post comments for my fantasy reading challenge was that I needed to try Neil Gaiman (although all of your other comments were wonderful suggestions!), so yesterday I picked up a book I'm committing to--"Neverwhere."

The back cover had a review that called the book "urban fantasy," "a modern Alice in Wonderland" which I'm drawn in by. Mostly I'm hoping means that there are no "faeries" and "daemons" or that if there are, they aren't stated as such. We'll see how far I get. Asking a genre so defined by "faeries" and "daemons" to not be that is a stretch, I know.

So far, there's a girl named "Door" which is a name I hate. I'm not expecting everyone to be named Jennifer and John, but Door? No thanks. It's like "Price Hairstreak." WTF? Just call them Mestoliphious for all I care, just not a name that's a really random noun. It weirds me out.

I've also already lost track of a couple tertiary characters, but I'm thinking I'll get back on track soon. I'll give you a blog about how this goes when I finish, which may be a long time. It's a long book after all!

I am more positive about reading this book though. Believe me.

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