Day 147: An Anti-Aging Routine Can't Start Too Soon!

I REALLY wanted to add "Got Botox" to my list of New Things, but Mark put his foot down because he thinks I'm too young. Even when I employed my classic excuse, "It's for the blog!," he didn't give in.

I don't see what's wrong with it.

I'm totally NOT in favor of Botoxing one's entire face or getting crazy kinds of fillers in copious, noticeable amounts, however, I think a spot treatment is just fine. And boy do I have a spot that needs treating--the no-man's land right between my eyebrows.

I carry a lot of my tension in that part of my face, whether I'm happy, sad, concerned, indifferent or otherwise, and I'm starting to notice fine lines forming  this shape ) || ( . I'm not a fan. I just think that if I could get that itty-bitty place deadened with the teeniest tiniest one half-sie of a unit of Botox that I could prevent this area from looking like this )))))||||||((((( when I'm 25.

Doing that little spot wouldn't even get rid of any expression in my face except for a comically overly-dramatic angry look. And I think I could still pull it off without the help of the between-the-eyebrows ruffle.

Enough of my self-justification. I was aware that Mark would be mad at me for a little injection so I went with the next best thing and I used anti-aging cream. I used the Pevonia Botanica Ligne Power Repair, which was what any cream should be...white and creamy. It smelled like old lady and I'm pretty sure I woke up with more fine lines than I went to bed with, now that I'm looking for "signs of improvement."

My ) || ( is still there: I consider it a failure.

But you know what I'm thinking? Mark doesn't read my blog...I bet I could get away with a touch of the B.

Do you think I'm crazy or justified???


  1. getting botox at 23? crazy...and yes i am a reader...boom! ;)

  2. Ha. You came in due to a very teasing teaser on Facebook ;)

  3. it was twitter actually

  4. I'm going to go with crazy on this. Many people say botox is the starter drug of the plastic surgery world.

    They start with just a little injection between the eyebrows, but then a plastic surgeon will recommend a little along the jaw line. Then the next appointment leads to some in the forehead as well. Before you know it, you are signing up for lipo and a boob job.

    Not to mention that it isn't cheap and needs to be regularly kept up. At best, it's $125 every treatment, not factoring in the service charges of the physician. I think that money is better spent elsewhere.

    Just my two cents though.

  5. Bah. Maybe you're right. It would probably lead to other things.

    However, people don't get sucked in because it doesn't work and make them feel better about themselves! They do it because it does make them feel good.

    The money...yeah, that's an issue.

  6. Gotta agree with Mark on this one. Botox at 23 (really...any age) is just crazy. You don't need it. You're perfect just the way you are. =)

    I was surprised at this post...for someone whose make up routine includes very little, I wouldn't think botox would even cross your mind.

  7. Touche Co-Co.

    Think of it like this, I need all the help I can get for my au naturale look. I can't hide those fine lines with makeup!