Day 159: "You Look So Natural, No One Can Tell..."

Mark has recently started growing a goatee, mostly, I think, just to know what he looks like with facial hair. Sadly, his facial hair is on the blond side, meaning no one can really tell he's growing it.

I had the brilliant idea to color it just a little darker, so that it can be noticed, and you know what? The sucker obliged...and I dyed Mark's goatee "Just for Men" Light Brown.

He's a "Light Brown"
I am a master mixer...

Far too excited to be putting chemicals on my boyfriend's face

Full Coverage

He's darker, I'm freaking THRILLED
And that's really how it went. I was pretty scared he was going to have a horrendous allergic reaction and subsequently break up with me. However, none of that was to be had, and after following the instructions and waiting five minutes, he was noticeably darker.

It actually got a LOT darker throughout the rest of the night, and he's firmly matched to his head hair shade.



  1. I'll be honest, when I first saw this post, deep down I was hoping you gave Mark some frosted tips (flashback to BNL summer '09).

  2. LOL wait I just remembered how frosted tips tanned outside in AZ? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Hahahahahahaha Good Times. Oh Frosted Tips :)

  4. And shortly following Frosted Tips at the pool...

    "I'm going to die, and what will Fran do???"

  5. He's kinda got a Brad-Pitt-back-when-he-was-hot thing going on now.

    How do you come up with these things?

  6. I can't wait to tell him that!

    How do I come up with things? I have no idea...they just come to me like bolts of lightning throughout the day.