Day 137: Ben and Jerry's Blowout & Sunday Funday

I consider myself very, very disciplined when it comes to food, but on Day 137, I let loose. I had spent all of Saturday inside, so I finally got my butt up and out of the house to go pick up Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra. I ate half of it straight out of the container and it was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I almost went Chunky Monkey, a perennial favorite, but I branched out, because it's what I do :)

Review: DO IT. It's half chocolate ice cream with fudge pieces, half caramel ice cream, and a core of caramel down the middle. It's everything you ever wanted in ice cream and more. A little crunch, chocolate, and a smooth surprise. Honestly, the best ever. Once a year only, but still the best.

It may not have cleared up my cold entirely, but it helped my soul!

Afterward, I went for a Sunday Funday which knocked the day out of the park. I'm pretty sure I've had a Sunday Funday before, but never proposed as such and never so wonderful. Why wonderful? Well, we had a random 72 degree day in January--following Snowmageddon 2011. Why wouldn't you pop a brewsky and sit out in the sun with friends?

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