Day 117: SNO-M-G!

Today I saw more snow than I've ever seen in my entire life. Due to global warming and it's effect on polarizing our weather systems--hotter summers, colder winters--we get the pleasure of being snowed in tomorrow for work (and maybe even the next day).

Snow is a huge deal in Atlanta because we are so humorously ill-equipped for it. Our tires don't work in snow, our roads aren't made for snow, our snow plows are brought in from neighboring states, and children are taught from early on that a single 1/4 inch layer of snow on the ground means that the city shuts down. Our brains shut down in the snow.

But today trumped it all...2-3 inches of snow inside Metro Atlanta, 4-5 in the 'burbs and freezing rain in the morning? Snowmaggedon. Seriously.

So what were Mark and I to do, but take a late-night stroll through snowpocalypse. Luckily, we're stocked up on homemade beef stew, Snyder's Nibblers, plenty of peanut butter and a bottle of champagne, so all is well.

My car!!

Mark's hand--all consumed by the snow!

Roads that are already beginning to ice over...

Pool chairs, blanketed in powdery white beauty

Irony--little green sprouts coming up out of the snow :)

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