Day 118: Popsicle Bust

Being snowbound for day 118, I had to get creative with New Things.

I have a small list of things that I've been compiling since before the project began, and one of those things happened to be: freeze a popsicle outside.

I scrambled for something to freeze. Our fridge had a bottle of unopened champagne from New Years, a carton of milk and some beef and chicken stock. Not wanting to open the bottle of champagne, freeze our perfectly good milk or eat a stock popsicle, Mark came up with an even better idea--a Dole cup of mandarin oranges.

I found a tool used for carving pumpkins and made that it's "stick," and set the little bugger out on a snow-covered ledge in the freezing cold.

I sat and did other snowbound things, like read Anthony Bourdain's book, Kitchen Confidential, did as much work work as I could from home, watched daytime TV like "What Not to Wear," snuggled for warmth, cleaned off the ice from my car, etc. etc.

Hours later--not single glaze of ice on my fruit cup.


So, because I was blissfully determined, I decided to leave it overnight. With temps down in the teeny-tiny twenties, I thought surely my little cup would get some sort of chill.

Au contraire.

This morning, I'm pretty sure that thing is even warmer than the snow around it.

My lesson: the preservatives in your food serve as anti-freeze in your food, and can't be safe. Thank goodness I couldn't eat it anyway.


  1. Its all the sugar. It lowers the freezing point just like saltwater. Its basically a very thin syrup which will not freeze unless you are around 0F for many hours. Now if you do the same thing with water it will work just fine as long as its not too deep.

  2. I actually thought about that after writing this post. I guess that means the chicken stock wouldn't have worked either!