Day 122: Job Review, Life Review

"Holy crap, I've been at this job for a year now?" My mind has been repeating this mantra for the past week now, after the boss man told me we needed to schedule my one year review. This means that I, Leah Fulford, have stuck with something for a year.


As many of you who know me pretty well know, will understand (and the others should rest peacefully knowing that I've never annoyed them with such conversations) I follow every whim and whimsy and devise a new life plan practically every other week or so. People who know me devilishly well can predict when it's about to happen.

So, the fact that I've stuck with this job--that I approach with complete passion some days and frigid apathy the next, whose pay makes me feel like crap but which pays in opportunities, that I feel pigeon-holes me into a career that I don't want but day-to-day tasks that I like--the fact that I've stuck with it is a miracle. I try to make it a habit to not be miserable, but I have been, and I've stuck through it.

Is this a sign of character or a sign that I'm settling? I'll never know. No one is 100% happy at their job all the time.

Anyhoo, I had my very first one-year review today at my very first big girl job, and it went as well as can possibly be anticipated.

Despite my wavering work ethic, my boss didn't have a single negative thing to say about my work over the year. I asked for areas in which I could improve, and he said my self-confidence is low. Nothing new there. (I've been hearing this pretty consistently from teachers and mentors since elementary school.) Otherwise, according to him, I'm perfect at this job.

Now what?

He doesn't know this, but he should really be impressed with my ability to stick it out through a year of working at the same place!


  1. "Courtney, I think I'm going to change my major..." <3

  2. How do you people put up with me? lol