Day 134: Vapo-Rub...On My Feet ***UPDATE***

Remember on Day 133, I told you that I was icky sicky? Still so today.

I called my mom, who works in the medical field, to give me some advice for not dying of consumption at 23, and she told me to put Vicks Vapo-Rub on the bottom of my feet.

Wait, what?? Isn't the whole point that you inhale the vapors? And doesn't that require that it's anywhere accessible to nostrils?

I know. It sounds strange. However, I have heard of this before on a segment on The Bert Show, so I'm giving it a shot tonight.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!!!


Well lo and behold, I didn't cough last night after putting on the Vick's, however, I did wake up with nasal congestion--something I didn't have before. Is all of this a lesson in correlation vs. causation? Who knows.

Mark suggested I do some research on this whole "Vick's on the feet" thing, and we found out that it's an urban legend/old wives tale kind of thing, but hey, I didn't wake up with a Nyquil hangover, so even if it's a placebo effect, I'll keep up with it.

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