Day 125: Kumquats: Nature's War Heads

People of my generation are not soon to forget War Heads--that hard candy that is super super sour on the outside and sweet in the middle. It makes you pucker your face like a crazy person before it relaxes you into a state of sweet bliss.

Well, now that our youthful metabolisms are slowing down, I have a fun alternative--the Kumquat fruit, which I tried today. You just pop this little mini-orange looking fruit in your mouth, rind and all. It's sweet at first and then oozes a sour juice, which, by the end of eating, is again pleasantly sweet with a delicious citrusy aftertaste.

And as an added bonus, it randomly makes the tip of my tongue go numb.

<--- equals kid's version of --->


  1. Yes, quite delicious, if I do say so myself! You should add these to the fruit tray after yoga and see what people think :) It might be a fun experiment...