About My Year-Long Project

This year, I am blogging about doing something new every day. I have always, always loved trying new and different things, like eating new food, seeing new destinations,  and generally relishing in the possibilities available to me. This desire has manifest itself in my travels around the world and through study abroad in college. Recently, however, I’m finding that maybe in search of doing the bigger things, I’ve missed out on the novel things I can do anywhere. For example, I recently went to my grandmother’s house where we had red bananas, plum wine, and Klondike bars-- all things I had never tried!

This got me thinking about the old adage "Learn something new every day," and, if "you learn by doing," I'm going to DO! There are scores of small, amazing experiences out there to try, like test-driving a Porsche, using a neti pot or playing the lottery numbers on the back of a fortune cookie.

Therein lies my mission—starting on my 23rd birthday (September 15), I will do something new every day for a year. I’m hoping to derive some inspiration from my friends, my city, and my new experiences, so please send me ideas, invitations, event announcements and such to keep me going!