Day 131: September in January

This particular day, I went up to Athens to brunch with my lady friend Laura and ambush my other lady friend Courtney.

(Sidenote: Courtney and I have been friends since second grade and we talk about seeing each other all the time, but every time we plan something, it falls through. I thought if I didn't say I was coming, we could meet, and it worked!)

It was a super-duper event filled day, driving to Athens, brunching, chatting, chatting, dinner-ing, etc., but nothing struck me as particularly "New" except for that it was the first time I've driven my new Corolla down 316. Whoop de doo.

Then, when I got home, I was about to fall asleep early again (recall my brie sleep attack at 7:00 yesterday?), and Mark suggested that we take advantage of Netflix and watch The September Issue, a movie I've been wanting to see for ages now.

It's a documentary film about the making of Vogue's famously-thick September issue magazine--the "New Year's" of fashion. It follows Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief, as well as Grace Coddington, Creative Director, through their uber fabulous lives of selecting and displaying what American fashion is. They have this beautiful dynamic, Anna being decidedly business-like and cold, where Grace is just the warmest and most romantic artist-type. They fight, talk about each other, want their way, get their way on various projects, passionately put forth their opinions and ultimately create something extraordinary.

It's a very grown-up and business-like "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "The City."

And although I could go on and on about any documentary (real life speaks to me so much more than fiction!), I just wanted to put out there, to anyone who cares, that I feel like Anna Wintour has a some sort of cruel inside joke with an imaginary friend that she's keeping from Vogue and the rest of the fashion world, that could somehow rock the industry if she just showed her cards. She gives these little smiles that just seem to tantalize with hidden opinions and information, if only she would open her mouth to say something about it.

It's so very strange, and such a piece of that whole world that I'll just never understand or be a part of.

Have any of my dear readers seen it? Any thoughts?


  1. The September Issue has been in my instant queue for a while. I'm going to need to check it out soon!

  2. Please do and let me know how you like it :)

  3. This sounds really cool, I'm going to download it tonight!

  4. You should! Mark even liked if your boy is hesitant tell him that other boys enjoyed it :)