Day 129: Grand Opening

On Day 129, I attended a grand opening party, which just so happened to be Lululemon, a store I have now talked about three times in this blog--once about goal setting and another time about performing a yoga demo for their actual store opening on Black Friday. I should really be getting paid for this.

Anyhoo--my friend Kaylee works at the store and asked me to come, so I obliged. The party was called the Sneakers and Stillettos Soiree and was the "yoga it kid" scene for the night, and I'd like to think I'm making my way to that title. The opening was packed with about 250 people when I walked in an hour and a half late. Major. Turnoug. For the rest of the time I was there, I witnesses cool yoga demos, walked a fancy red carpet, jammed with a DJ, posed in a photobooth, hung out with really fit people and enjoyed free booze.

I felt so super grown up going to a store opening party, feeling cool enough to even know about it. And although it made Mark want to jump off of a bridge, a majority-ladies shindig with yoga demos doesn't exactly beg for men, I had a damn good time.

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