Day 74: How Lululemon Pants Changed My Whole Outlook on Life

Today, my girlfriend Kaylee asked me to demonstrate yoga at the retail clothing store she works at, Lululemon. There were a variety of yoga demos throughout the day that were part of a new store opening as well as a treat for the Black Friday rush. I agreed to be a part of it because I'd likely be doing yoga anyway, so why not demo it at a store? I could get discovered, after all.

One of the stipulations, naturally, was that I needed to wear some of the store's gear. While their stuff is some of the cutest I've seen, it's also the priciest, making cheap ol' me nervous. I've never even tried on a single piece of their clothing, despite the fact that I know it has the best reputation, because I didn't want to get hooked. Further, I've talked about lulu's clothes in this blog before, saying something to the effect of "It won't help me get into a handstand any more gracefully than my Target clothes."

Today was the day of reckoning--to see if these clothes, as cute as they are, would really affect my practice.

I came in at the appropriate time and was sent to the pants section with one of the sales associates, who helped me select a pair of athletic leggings. I went to the dressing room to put them on, and I can say without a doubt,





The pants were fitted to perfection, every inch from my hips down to my ankles, but were so soft that they didn't feel like they were on my legs at all. The fabric was sturdy but not bulky and the seaming made me made my legs look fabulous while I was performing my demo. While they may not help me get into a handstand any better than my Target pants, they are unbeatable for comfort, quality and style. I'll never get the feel of them out of my head.

Did they affect my practice? Yes, in a huge way.

While performing my demo, I had this whole revelation that if these pants made me feel so much better about myself and my yoga practice, that maybe I need to invest in better quality things throughout my whole life. What a difference a little quality might make!

The demo was a lot of fun and I got a lot of great feedback from people about my practice, making me a little more sure that I want to learn how to teach yoga one day in the future. So yes, now I want to invest in more quality and change my career path, thanks to Lululemon pants.

If you are a runner, dancer, yogi, or fitness junkie, you should definitely try them out. ASAP. Oh, and read their mantras, too. They're totally inspiring.

Who am I? And why do I like this new girl so much??


  1. Gosh, just reading this makes me wanna go out and get those pants! Great post, great self discoveries :-)

  2. I feel like they should have paid me to write this :) lol. I can't wait to get my next paycheck and blow it on pants and tops and yoga things.

    Let me know if you do get them!! I'd like to hear your reactions.

  3. I did go to their website and I love, love, love those Groove pants... but, sliiiiightly over the top of my budget... swoosh! Then again, they would probably last my lifetime while many of the cheap stuff I tend to get is exhausted within a year. You do have a point there about quality, on so many levels... right, I am rethinking my budget!

    Did they not pay you in pants? You would have been the highest paid yogi around ;-)

  4. Leah, I'm so glad you love the pants, and moreso that they truly elevated your practice and that you discovered so much during your time spent at lululemon! Keep us posted as your pursue your goal to teach yoga. If you want, I would love to have you come in one day to do some goal coaching and we will post your goals in the store along with our team. :)

    Thank you so much for coming in for the demo, we enjoyed having you. Come hang out with us again soon!

  5. :D Yes, Erin, I could definitely be on board for that. Stay tuned for yoga teacher training on the blog!