Day 55: The Goddess of Gas Mileage **UPDATE**

I hate buying gas. I think it's the biggest scam to be pulled off by anyone ever. You pay thousands of dollars for a car that decreases in value ever single day, and you're forced to buy an expensive, diminishing natural resource and subsequently burn your money to fuel that car. It's BS, and you know it.

Due to my extreme hatred buying gas, I try to do is as little as possible and I hold out as long as I can. I keep thinking that maybe I'll randomly move to a city with public transportation and will turn my car in before having to buy another wretched tank of gas.

Also, I have this unbreakable cheapness that forces me to use things until they die. I buy pairs of shoes and wear them until they cannot be worn anymore. I won't get rid of a tube of toothpaste until I am certain there is not the tiniest iota of cleaning power left in the tube. I drove my last car until an axle literally disintegrated (but timed it so that I wasn't in it and it was conveniently at the dealership!). I don't buy gas until I am running on fumes.

On Day 55, I really outdid myself and pulled into the gas station with zero miles range left in my tank. While some people in my life (namely my parents) will be concerned about this behavior, I  am so unbelievably proud of this accomplishment. I let out a loud, "HA!" when I pulled up next to the pump. I stuck it to that gas. I maximized my dollar, used the resource to it's utmost and know for a fact that my timing as perfect. There is no way you can argue with that.

Personality disorder? Maybe. Idosyncratic, definitely.

Got a comment that made my world, including this scene from Seinfeld. I'm dying laughing. 


  1. I am impressed. Risky yet effective. And extremely accurate I might add.

  2. As my dear friend T.S. Eliot said, “You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.” :)

  3. Living on the EdgeNovember 9, 2010 at 7:51 PM

    I've done this three times... I think the most i have drove past the zero is 10-15 miles...

    I was inspired by the famous Seinfeld episode (The Dealership):

  4. LOTE, this gives me validation beyond my wildest dreams!! I'm putting this in the post for posterity...and testing the limits.