Day 72: Casse-rollin'

On Thanksgiving Day last year, I was unemployed and living in my parent's house. It was a strange point in my life, from which I've grown exponentially. I remember last year how inadequate I felt about not being able to bring over food to our Thanksgiving dinner. If I had done that, I would be using food that my mom bought, using her dishes and, sadly, she probably would have washed said dish. So I didn't make anything.

Now that I'm all moved out, employed and on my own, it was the first time that I could really bring a dish to Thanksgiving. I didn't bring anything fancy, but even my green bean casserole was a sign that I was on my own and contributing to the family meal in a grown-up kind of way.

I was tickled by the whole experience, as frivolous as it was, and grateful for how far I've come in a year.


  1. That's so exciting. I know the feeling...we went out today to get christmas stuff. Last year Jared's parents gave us a tree to use that they've had forever and while I really appreciated it, it was THEIR tree...this year, even though we're in the basement still, I went out and bought OUR tree, one I picked out and will soon stuff with presents underneath. It felt good.

  2. branch out from your parents and stake a life of your own feels pretty good :)