Day 69: Adding to Borders' Inventory

After deciding with utmost certainty that I had no interest whatsoever in finishing The Purple Emperor from my "read a fantasy book" challenge, I thought of a creative way to eliminate it from my life. I left ye old Emperor in the Fantasy section of Borders, next to Frost Bitten, The Reluctant Mage, The Evolutionary Void and Total Eclipse. I think he'll make some friends in this section, even if he is a little awkward.

As you may be able to see, there is a little purple tab sticking out of my book. I left this note for the future owner to find:

Okay, so, major typo...there's no "@" in the web address, but hopefully this person is smart and will figure this out.

Before leaving, I had a strange change of heart. While I was definitely benefiting the customer in that he would get a free book, I was simultaneously ripping off Borders. The person that picked up my book may forgo buying another book. My conscience was distraught thinking of how I was damaging the publishing industry and all, so I decided to buy something to make up for it.

I heeded the advice of Ashley and Katie and bought the Avett Brothers CD, which is most certainly overpriced anyway, so Borders is making profit in spades.

I can't wait to see if someone actually finds it!!


  1. Haha! Funny you bought the Avett Brothers CD (side note: which one?) as yesterday I bought the Mumford and Sons CD. I'm really liking it!

    I hope someone finds the book and maybe enjoys it. :o)

  2. Fantastic idea! I'm excited to see if the finder manages to figure out the web address :-)


  3. I'm just happy you terrorized Borders instead of B&N. ;) No, I'm sure if an employee finds your "friend" they'll think it's hilarious. =)

  4. Katheryn, I got "I and Love and You," after debating two others. Which one(s) do you have? I only got though two songs before bedtime, but I'm already pleased with my purchase :) Good recommendation!!

    Anitahaf, I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed my error before getting all the way to the bookstore! I really hope that the "finder" knows what Blogspot is and puts the two together. *fingers crossed*

    Courtney, I'm wondering if that person would try to buy the book anyway? What would a Borders employee do (WWABED)?

  5. Ooooh, I have an idea for a new thing to try! Learn how to play wine glasses, like this dude for example:

    That way, you could also perhaps finance other new things to try ;-)

  6. Um, Amazing!!! If I can get people to donate various sizes of wine glasses, I could learn this in a couple days ;)

  7. I have the one you purchased as well as Emotionalism. I'm probably going to get their newest live album next week (I allow myself one album purchase per paycheck, to pace myself). Frankly, as I want to have their babies, I don't think you can go wrong with any of their purchases.

    As something new, have you ever been to this? It good be fun to go to, festive, and it supports a good cause. Plus, it is probably free!

  8. That looks like fun!!! It does cost a little money, but I think I could swing it :)