Day 71: Friendsgiving

Today, I enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving meal with the same culprits from the Twisted Taco night, in what we affectionately called "Friendsgiving." I've never celebrated this holiday with people my own age and enjoyed it thoroughly. While I'd like to relay a story or two, I'll just keep it simple and say that it was good food and good company, and nothing out of the ordinary for dining with twenty-somethings.

It has not been the easiest year for me to find friends, as I'm still adjusting to this whole grown-up routine in a (relatively) new city. Mark has some relationships from college who are in the city, some of this dinner crowd included, but I'm severely lacking in girlfriends and even just acquaintances. Post-college relationships are hard to find and even harder to nurture. I'm still learning.

While I can't say I've developed the deepest relationships with tonight's group, it simply feels good to know of people who have potential to grow into friends. It feels even better that they extended an invitation to me.

I felt it inappropriate to snap pictures throughout the night, because, well, I guess I'm just not comfortable enough yet to whip out the camera and ask people to smile with me. It would have seemed forced and pretentious, two things I don't want to be. Even for the sake of the blog.

Hopefully, throughout the holiday season and into the new year, some of these acquaintances will become friends. I am ready to have some new perspectives and new conversations. I am ready for new company and dinner parties that I'm not surprised to be invited to. I am ready to give what I can to people to enrich their lives and mine. I'm ready for real, genuine adult friendships.

I am ready to host my own Friendsgiving next year.


  1. Agreed on all points. Post-college friendships are hard. It's actually work to stay in touch with people. Give me a call if you ever want to hang out. I've been doing nothing but working!

  2. :) Definitely. So glad you offered.

    Next Sunday is intro to meditation at the monastery! We should go.

  3. I'm in! I'll let daphne know too.