Day 58: Trees and Excuses

Day 58 was one of those days where I had a million ideas and didn't execute any of them.
  1. My lovely friend Sam Haring suggested that I go vegan for a day, an idea I love, but an idea which requires a lot of meal planning, specialty shopping and cooking that Day 58 wasn't cut out for.
  2. I recently picked up "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," a mere 183 page sci-fi novel, thinking I could knock it out in a couple of days and write about it, but I haven't found any time to get past page 36. 
  3. I've also been looking at redesigning the blog to give it a more customized feel, but with all of the wonderful backgrounds, color schemes and fonts floating through my brain, I experienced analysis paralysis (theme of my life) and didn't pull the trigger on any of them.
  4. I've also wanted to get a flu shot to go on a really wild rant about vaccinations, American medicine, health and the human condition. Flu shots, however, aren't cheap and on Day 58 I lacked the energy to rant (I know you're shocked!).
  5. I've also wanted to do my Mentos and Coke part III where I make the bomb. The recent daylight savings switch has negatively affected my ability to do that though, because now, when I get home from work, it's too dark to take video of the experience.

I say all of these excuses to demonstrate that I have, in fact, been dreaming up New Things.

Now for the kicker.

Today, after failing to accomplish any one of those New Things above, I did a new variation of tree pose (Vrikshasana) in yoga class. I did half lotus tree pose, which looks like this:

I was even too tired (read: maybe lazy) to take a picture.  Thank goodness my teacher Seth put a New Thing in class, or otherwise my post might have been, "Assigned names to body parts."

Exciting New Things to come later...I promise!

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