Day 53: Mentos and Coke Part II

Day 53 represented Part II of my Mentos and Coke experiments. (Part I can be found here!) On Thursday, I put a whole roll of Mentos into a bottle of Diet Big K, which produced a fantastical $1.00 cheap thrill fountain. Today, I went for the Mentos and Coke Belly Bomb, where I ingested the reactants at the same time, which you may have seen a similar version of in this YouTube film:

I, however, have more dignity (despite what I may have demonstrated in previous posts) than to film myself doing this, so I did it sans camera.

Overall, it was rather uneventful. I used two Mentos and a gulp of Coke, and while it got pretty frothy, and I had to let a little out, it was nothing that I couldn't handle. It looked more like this, but not exactly:


  1. I have definitely seen you spew a beverage live before. And it is caught on camera.

  2. AHHHH!!! Totally forgot about that. Please oh please let's keep that between us :)