Why I Love My Readers, a One Month Recap

While you may think this blog is all about me, I want it to be more about you. Seriously. I love to write and hope that I can use this blog to learn how to connect to people through writing. I want you to enjoy reading this blog even more than I want to do 365+ New Things.

Through the first month of my blog's life, I got a little obsessive compulsive about people reading it. Early on I wasn't getting too many comments or followers, so I wanted to know if people were actually looking here or if I was shouting aimlessly into the blog-o-sphere. I got on Google Analytics to find out some info.

I already know a couple of things about my dear readers. I know you are all sadists, because my most popular post by far is the BUI post. I also know, however, that you guys celebrate when I achieve my goals, because my second most-popular post is the when I got into a handstand. I like this about you and hope you never change.

And now that I've asked for comments, you have given them freely! :-D Thank you to all of you who do comment. It makes writing and doing new things exponentially more satisfying when I know you are interested too.

Today, upon checking my visitor loyalty for the past month, I found this table that demonstrates who the real stars in my life are:

To the people who have visited me 26+ times a month, THANK YOU! I am so grateful you take out a couple minutes a day to read my stuff. I'm glad you either like my content or hate it so much that you like to make fun of it every day. Both work for me.

To those people who visited me 101-200 times in one month--I love you the most and owe you all copious amounts of chocolate and/or my firstborn children. I don't know if I even visit my site that many times per month, but am so happy you do. Please let me know the things that I can do to keep you excited about what I write. And if you like me this much, you should spread the love :)

Thanks to all the the others too who keep coming back! I'd love to get all the feedback you want to give. And If there's anything you want to see, I'd love to try it.

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