Day 66: Inspiration and A Shout Out

With Blogger comes an obsession-inducing feature called Stats. Stats allows me to see how many people look at various posts, what countries the visitors come from, and how people got to the site (i.e. Facbook and Twitter).

Some fun and interesting "how people got to this site" sources include a German games website (presumably from my Mahjong post, as it appeared around the same time as the Germans) as well as a link from a Russian interior decorating website ( whose interest in New Things, I don't know.

On Day 66, I noticed that I had been getting some traffic from a Wordpress blog called Faith Mine Eyes. As is typical, I went to check it out. This particular young lady had started a blog and said that it was, in part, inspired by my 365 challenge. And I didn't (at first) know who it was! No one had told me that they were starting a blog as a result of mine and the person's identity wasn't immediately clear to me.

To say I was flattered would be the understatement of the year. I've recently been thinking about quitting this project for a variety of reasons. First, this project is expensive--New Things don't come cheap. Second, I'm not getting as much interest by readers as I had hoped. When I started looking to see if this project was unique, I came upon blogs of people who have attempted doing one new thing every day for a year before. They had so many supporters who offered up a lot of ideas, they had friends who wanted to participate and they were getting a lot of comments and affirmation. I haven't yet received much interest, and it makes me think I must not be a good writer or I'm not doing the right New Things, etc.

To see that someone was in the smallest way inspired by what I've done made me tear up. I don't think I've inspired anyone to do anything in my life, and if I have, I can say without a doubt that I've never inspired someone to blog.

Through reading her blog a little further, I came across a couple pictures and realized that it was a former UGA Redcoat Band auxiliary lady. Now that you know who you are, I'm sending out a heartfelt thanks for rejuvenating my passion!

Readers, I'd like to thank her by sending lots of visitors to her blog, where you can get to know her through her 30-day blogging challenge. Visit her here.


  1. Hi Leah
    I came across your blog from TheFlyingEffect Facebook page. Interesting project. It made me sad though, that you are thinking of stopping due to limited number of readers. Don't do one new thing a day for others, do it for yourself.

  2. I know of one thing you inspired someone to do. Stop Smoking!

  3. Klaus,

    I think you're right about doing this for myself. I guess I've gotten a little wrapped up in what others think of the project and not following my gut. Thanks so much for the comment! :)

    And Anon, I love you and am so glad you learned how to post comments!!! <3