Day 64: Three Easy Steps to Committing Postage Stamp Fraud

Totally a joke on the title there, so glad it lured you in!

Recently, I stamped an envelope for an unknown reason. Mark wrote an address on that envelope, not to mail anywhere, but as a scrap piece of paper on which to write an address to subsequently be put into the GPS.

No matter what, I wasn't giving up on getting my $0.42 back. Period. So today, I learned how to remove a stamp from an envelope.

Since this stamp had never been through the mail, it's not technically fraudulent. This is just a handy how-to guide for those stamp collectors out there...or cheapos. If you happen to use this money-saving trick for evil, I can't really be held responsible for your actions.

I'm cheap, however, and that unused stamp was MINE.

Step 1: Get an envelope with a stamp on it

Step 2: Put that envelope face-side down in warm water

Step 3: After 15 minutes, remove stamp
Thank me later.


  1. Actually Leah, there is something I've always wanted to try, and this post reminded me of it. I've always wanted to put the address I want to send something to as the return address and my address as the "send to" address and then not put a stamp on it or not put enough stamps and see if it will be "returned to sender" (presumably the return address), thus being delivered to the person I originally wanted to send it to without paying. Or put my address in the "to" part but leave out my apartment number so it has to be returned to sender and it will arrive with an unused stamp, which I now know how to remove and reuse. I'm betting the post office is smarter than me and this wouldn't work, but maybe. I think the best odds of it working would be two addresses that are kind of close to each other so they are served by the same post office. Think it would work?

  2. You...are...brilliant.

    Why didn't I think of that??? If everyone got on board, it could be an experiment to scam the whole postal system.

    OMG, trying it.

  3. I am anonymously waiting the results of this brilliant idea.

    I love loopholes!