Day 119: The Opposite of Playing Hooky

Here in Atlanta, we're all cooped up and confined to Snow Day 2, Revenge of the Ice Monsters. What prevented us from going anywhere on Snow Day 1 was the general sentiment that, "OH GOD, SNOW IN ATLANTA, CLOSE DOWN THE HATCHES!!" Snow Day 2, however, ushered in a legitimate panic and inability to go anywhere because our beloved four inches of snow had melted into solid sheets of ice everywhere. There were more highway closings and accidents on Snow Day 2, Revenge of the Ice Monsters, than there were on Snow Day 1.

Now, being the good Atlantan that I am, I took Snow Day 1 pretty easy. I got on my computer to check my work e-mail and do some very general and easy tasks, not straining myself to perform great feats of work-at-home machismo.

Come Snow Day 2, Revenge of the Ice Monsters, I didn't have the option to not do work from home. So on Day 119, I legitimately worked from home. I mean, I was checking email at 8:30 AM, booking appointments for press, writing an article due next week, getting on two conference calls--the works.

Remember my Birth Chart and how it told me that I would be best if I worked on my own schedule--outside of a 9-5, etc.? Yes, indeed, that thing again was right. I loved it. It provided me with an awesome sense of freedom. I stopped banging my head against the article when it wasn't working out anymore and picked it up again after dinner to much success. I didn't stress over finding stuff to do when there was no work to be done. I stopped for a couple minutes to snuggle with my boyfriend. And I was productive!

Now, downfalls are that I kind of miss human interaction, but I blame that on the fact that we're cooped up inside and can't go out for any reason anyway. I'm pretty sure if I had been able to do my work from a Borders, take a yoga class in the middle of the day, and correspond one-on-one with some people from work I wouldn't have felt that way, or not that strongly. Hell, I only see an average of two people at work on any given day anyway.

So in short, I loved it. I could make it a way of life. Now how to convince the boss that's a viable option for me?


  1. Let's create our own business where we can both work like that everyday. =)It's gotta be a Virgo thing because I work best when I can do it like that.

  2. To ask me to work between 1:00-3:00 PM is a joke. Then after 4:30 I'm in "off-work" mode already. My brain turns off...bitterly and with resolution. So, instead of keeping me in the office then, why not allow me to work later at night, when I'm ready and willing? I think it's a boon to all.

    All businesses should run when their employees are most productive. Although that could end in chaos. Hey, a girl can dream!