Day 111: My New Most Favorite TV Show of All Time

Day 111 was shaping up to be an "oh goodness, think of something you did during the day and turn it into a New Thing" until about 11:30 at night where I ran across "The Vice Guide to Everything" with the editors of the surely-now-famous Vice Magazine.

It blew my brains out with awesomeness. If God divined a show that would make me happier than anything in the world, he couldn't have come up with this show.

The Vice Guide to Everything travels the world examining elements of life that have secret stories or just a really freaking cool call to be illuminated. Episodes included Jamaican Dancehall night life, Pakistani gun markets, Indian call centers legal narco border control terrorists, house arrest in Libya, Colonel Butt Naked, stream of consciousness ("based") music, and hydraulic cars among other things.

Armed with a sense of cool unrivaled by any TV hosts ever (except maybe Anthony Bourdain), shown through a "True Life" lens, capturing incredible occurrences unable to ever be reproduced, it oozes awesome like you can't touch. I was literally on the edge of the couch, with my fingers up by my mouth, salivating at the incredible world we live in, yearning desperately to drive to the airport at midnight and catch the next flight anywhere.

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