Day 114: Chiromancy

On Day 114, I learned how to read palms.

Using the wonderful resource that is WikiHow as well as our ever-wonderful time suck YouTube, I garnered all of the appropriate information to tell Mark about himself.

Now, it is important to note that according to WikiHow, palm reading is not a prediction of the future, but it does reveal the past. Why you would ever do something to "reveal" what happened in your past is beyond me, unless you had an unbelievable brain accident in which you lost all of your history.

Line 1 is your heart line, line 2, your head line, line 3, your life line, and line 4, your fate line. If you want to know what they mean, you have to pay me, see below.
Mark's hand...complete with emotional trauma, a romantic's touch, and a long, strong, impulsive life.
To practice, I had to use a real palm, and not my own, so I, of course, made Mark the subject of my palm reads. We've gotten our palms read before, when we were in New Orleans for New Years, 2010, and I thought it would be fun to test their conclusions. 

What I learned wasn't all too surprising, and nothing to write a book about. I did learn that he is supposed to live a long and strong life, however, the Chinese man telling me about this admitted pretty clearly in his presentation to me that if your life line is particularly bad that you can do things like jogging to improve your life. Bah. I know this thing is a crock of ninny-wagons anyway, but I feel especially bad when my teacher admits it to me.

Also, Mark's left and right hand "lining" (yes I made up a word for this) are so different from each other. They say to read the left palm, but the discrepancies could mean the difference between marriages, deaths and personality flaws. But his palm was pretty accurate for personality traits.

Now that I know all of these tricks of the trade, I am willing to read your palm too. Don't expect it to make the blog, but do expect to pay me $50 for the time...or $15...or a margarita. That would make for a really good reading. 

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