Day 112: Playin' Hooky from Work

I have reeeeallly loved these three day weeks and weekend that I've been having due to the holiday season.

For most of the month of December, there's been a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my body and mind, but now the working world keeps knocking at my door giving me the wake-up call I asked for and knew was coming, and I'm digging myself back into the sheets. No need for me to say, "I can't help it," because I know I can, but it's hard.

So, on Day 112, I was facing a full and solid month of work--no vacations from here til summer. This is not acceptable to my still-a-little-out-of-touch body and mind. I decided to remedy this feeling by using a long-overdue gift from my birthday (112 days ago) and playing hooky to get a facial at Facelogic. Now, I don't get enough paid-time-off days to really play hooky for a full day, but I did leave around 3:45, telling my co-workers I was getting my car serviced (which does in fact need to be done), which makes me a workplace liar and hooky-player.

Go me!

I've been really good so far in the working world, staying as long as I need to to get the job done, being honest about my whereabouts and not rocking the boat very much, so I deserved this. Ethics be damned--I'm a twenty something not having enough fun with her youth--let me play hooky for an hour.

I only wish that I had enough PTO to make a couple weeks out of every month a three-day weekend. In fact, I have a theory where I think I would be more productive if I worked five days a week and had a three day weekend EVERY weekend. It's a little clever scheduling, but I think it could work. Roll that idea around in your mind a little bit, and I think you'll start to like the idea that you'd have other days of the week off other than Saturday and Sunday and that playing hooky isn't necessary (but it is still awesome).

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