Day 135: Sick Movies

For the regular followers of this blog, you'll know I'm almost a week behind, so these next posts will be pretty short. I was still battling illness throughout these days and I was also traveling for business to San Diego. San Diego sounds fun and all, but when my time there is maxed out to include just enough hours in the day to do work, and I mean timed down to the hour I was needed to the hour I wasn't, it makes the trip no fun.

Day 135 was a Friday and I was still sick from all of the coughing, congestion, and an on-setting ear infection. Again, not a day I wanted to do New Things. Mark came home though with dinner and a movie, so I watched Eat, Pray, Love as my New Thing adventure.

Your judgment of me as a sentimental woman, easily captivated by destination travel and a woman finding herself, would be accurate. I don't care. I loved it. Bring me more movies just like this, with beautiful destinations, handsome suitors, and a story of self-redemption.

I read the book so I was pretty sure I'd like the movie too. I only really had one qualm with the whole thing--why on earth did they change the destination names to "Italy, India, and Bali"? In the book, the whole tie in at the end is that she went to Italy, India, and Indonesia--all destinations that started with the letter "I" and that were indicative of a journey of the self. Then, they butcher that whole thing to add a sexy name in the itinerary?  Why not say "Rome, India, and Indonesia" or "Italy, New Delhi and Indonesia"?

It's one of the fundamental rules of sequential grammar, you use the same type for all the things you're listing.

Small, but it bothers me. And you read my blog so you have to listen :) Giggles.

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