Day 139: Party Like a (Hard) Rock Star

At the industry conference I attended during my time in San Diego, it's not all work and no play. Okay, it's like 99.9% work, but there ARE times we get to let loose a little. One such night was this night, where one of our clients held a party at the Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego.

This marks the first time I didn't automatically hate all things Hard Rock, and the first time I've partied at a Hard Rock.

See Hard Rock, to me, symbolizes everything that's wrong with the world. They set up camp in every country in the world, and Americans flock to them in droves to get a T-shirt from the Hard Rock Hong Kong, Hard Rock Brazil, etc.


Okay, brilliant marketing on their part, but scantily-clad servers sell second-rate, crap-tastic American food to crappy Americans who don't want to eat a single morsel of some other culture's years of food traditions is not my idea of a good business plan or restaurant. It's really just an excuse for the CEO to travel.

Despite all of that, I liked this Hard Rock because I got an exclusive wristband from the "cool" company who threw a party at the Hard Rock San Diego featuring a pretty good band playing AC/DC and Led Zepplin, and an open bar.

I'm a sucker for feeling exclusive and getting free beer.

Through the night, I jammed with the band, sipped a couple Blue Moon's and rocked out with old men in sports coats. It's fun seeing adults be adults and not bosses, parents, etc. I'm still tickled by it...and I am still refusing to be "technically" an adult myself. I'll never get used to this :)

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