Day 146: I've Got People!

I'm not quite sure how to lead up to this story, but I'll give it my best...

Let's go back to the entrepreneurship thing, and how it has manifest itself in Atlanta Yoga Scene. Well, I created a little website for the idea and am constantly updating it with yoga events in the area, new studios, blogging topics I like, etc. It got me thinking--I need a master schedule of classes for all yoga studios in the area.

I started working on this one morning (I wake up at around 6:00 am every day to either run, blog, or work on AYS) and it took me almost two hours to get through five of the 50 Atlanta yoga studios. This was wholly unsustainable. I'd be at it for weeks if I did the whole thing by myself.

Enter "The Four-Hour Workweek." This book by Tim Ferriss essentially tells people how to come up with a brilliant product, strategically overprice it, market the bejeezus out of it, outsource all the work to virtual assistants and live a beautiful life raking in cash.

I haven't quite come up with my genius, life-altering product, but on Day 146,  I applied a nugget of that advice and I hired a virtual assistant to assemble the master schedule of yoga studios for AYS.

I'm actually really proud of this whole endeavor for a few of reasons.
  1. I hired an American girl who is only a couple of years older than me, so I feel like I'm helping out a friend
  2. I'm providing temporary, paid employment to someone! While I can't hire an army (nor would I need one), I can help one person stay busy and make a little cash. That feels good to me.
  3. I'm delegating! One less thing to think about!
  4. She has no idea what she's getting into, and only asked that I pay her $50 to do this. Since it took me two hours to do five studios, this will likely take her 20 hours to do the whole thing, which is sort of a rip-off. Okay, REALLY a rip-off. But if she's good, I'll hire her to do it again and again and again :)
You could say that I've got people now!

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