Day 157: Eyebrow Threading

My eyebrows definitely suffer from caterpillar syndrome. They're not very well-behaved on their own, so I frequently wax, pluck and trim the bejeezus out of them to make them look normal.

In an attempt to try New Things as they relate to every part of my life, on Day 157, I got my eyebrows threaded.

Threading is an Indian tradition for removing unwanted hair from the body, and is a little less painful than waxing. The process is just like it sounds. The women take two piece of thread and twist them in a way that creates a little hair-pulling-out machine. They put the thread on your skin and glide over your brow, shaping it to perfection.

I sat down in their little chair and the girl went to work on my brows. It didn't take nearly as long as waxing does, and although it was a new sensation to get used to, it didn't hurt.

The technician shaped my brows beautifully, and I was really excited about the whole thing. No redness, less time, beautiful brows!

The only problem was that I needed to have the hairs trimmed. I grow just ridiculously long eyebrow hair, and it's something I almost always request or receive in my normal routine of waxing. 

Just when I started to trust her, she pulled out the mirror.


I lost half an eyebrow in a cutting casualty.

I'll stick to waxing after all.

After. Check the right side of my face. And the fury in my eyes.


  1. Awe Leah... you're next new thing can be using an eye brow pencil. Really, the lady was just trying to help you continue your blog :)

  2. Could be worse. At least you still have an eyebrow...

  3. I'm just saying...that girl does eyebrows for a living. If I had asked Mark to do it, I wouldn't have been upset if he took off a piece. She, of all people, should know how to make brows look good.