Day 158: Punk Polish

Continuing with my theme this weekend of interesting grooming New Things, on Day 158, I got a manicure in black.

I had on my original list of New Things to try to "get a manicure in a weird color" to break out of my trend towards the mommy mauves, neutrals and reds. I'm young. I should be wearing on my nails electric blues, freakish metallics and all the stuff they put in the pages of Vogue.

So at first I thought orange would be the winner for this challenge...and then I remembered that I went to the University of Georgia where we hate orange! Go Dawgs!

[Semi-school spirity moment over]

And, more practically, that I own nothing that would even kind of go with orange, as my clothing is largely of the jewel tone variety.

So then I thought--why don't I jump into the black nail polish trend? I can pretend I'm Benji from Good Charlotte...or, you know, Lauren Conrad got away with it, so there's no reason I can't do it too. Punk rockers and reality TV celebs alike enjoy black nail polish, and I fall squarely in between the two of them.

I am so edgy...with my half eyebrow
Okay, not really punk at all...
Surprisingly, I REALLY like this color :) :) :)


  1. I love black nail polish. I've been painting my nails black since I was in middle school where I did it behind my parents back with a sharpie since I wasn't allowed to paint my nails. It goes with everything and it can be dressed up and dressed down, really there's nothing better than a good black manicure (as I say this my nails are BRIGHT orange...)

    You know what else is fun, a bright clean plain white...just my 2 cents.

    Keep on writing Leah!

  2. TRUE! I love that it can be dressed up and down. I also LOVE white. I had a pearl color that I bought and used down to the last drop. It wasn't like, white-out white but slightly shiny...