Day 143: Birthday Bowling Party

Hello again friends!

On Day 143, I went to a birthday bowling party---for a 23 year old. It was really quite a divine idea, because what's better than free-flowing beer, friendly competition on a not-so-serious game, cosmic lighting and club music without the pretense of dancing? Nada.

Anyhoo, some little birdie had told a select few of these people that I was doing one New Thing every day for a year and wanted to know what my New Thing for that day was.

Frankly, with all of the significant New Things I've happened upon recently (taking a red eye flight, partying at a Hard Rock, etc.), I haven't been super proactive about planning for New Things or crossing them off my list.

I almost shamefully told them I hadn't had anything planned.

No need to lie.

But then, the most magical thing happened; they gave me suggestions!

"Use the heaviest ball you can find!"
"Granny bowl a game and see if it improves your score!"
"Make up a signature bowl!"

So I did all three!!! I used a 15 pound bowling ball, Granny bowled a couple frames and got a spare, and make up the Leah bowl, a spinning, twisting, leg in the air behind me thing that landed my ball squarely in the gutter. I wish I had video for the last one, but I was being "cool" and it was a completely unreplicable after the first shot anyway. You had to be there.

I should tell people about this project more often!

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