Day 142: Guster Intro

On Day 142, I had the pleasure of introducing Mark to Guster--one of my favorite late high school/college bands. He, probably like you, hadn't heard of them before, but upon attending the concert is an insta-fan. There's nothing not to like about them. They're songs are all upbeat and happy, and there is a theme of bongos and banjos, but since they're a more Northeastern band it doesn't come off even the slightest bit low brow.

If you are a Guster fan, I have to say it was like a "Best of" concert. They played every song I've ever loved, including but not limited to "Ramona," "Homecoming King," "Barrel of a Gun," "Airport Song," "Satellite," and my perennial favorite, "Two Points for Honesty."

OH, and an acoustic rendition of "Jesus on the Radio."

And, if I'm going for accuracy over ethics in reporting my New Things, I also used another girl's credit card to buy myself a drink. See, her friend wanted a Coke, and she wanted a beer, and instead of going to the bar themselves, she recruited me (en route) to get her drinks. Now, in order not to waste my time or the time of the bartender, I just charged my drink on the tab too.

It was a Skymiles card. I bet I did her a favor. Mark thinks it was expected. I'll take all the justification that I can.

Now for pictures:

A viking helmet--why not?
Jesus on the Radio acoustic encore
The girl on the far right is the one whose card I used. Oops?


  1. Guster opened for Maroon 5 at a concert Rian and I went to in July. I immediately bought their album after the show. It's so good!

  2. :D love to hear that! They are WONDERFUL. Which CD did you get?

  3. Still super jealous you got to go to the show. I didn't even know they were going to be here until the day of the show.

    So are you gonna leave us hanging or tell us what Mark thought of the show? =P

  4. He thought it was fantastic! I think I said up in the first paragraph: Insta-fan ;)