Day 186: You Can Fry Anything!

On Day 186, I went to my friends Tasha and Brian's house for dinner, where we were going to have a classic beer and bratwursts kind of get together. Prior to making the brats, Tasha made some home-made jalapeno poppers, that she made in a little fry machine. The little machine was still on about the time that Brian was putting the brats on the grill, and, since we had a bonus brat, he stuck that in the fryer, making Day 186's New Thing that I had what I think are my first jalapeno poppers and my first fried brat.

Exciting? Not terribly.

Delicious? Indeed.

The fried brat was a little extra crispy on the outside and a little extra greasy in the middle, so I see why some people might make a habit out of it. I have heard of fried hot dogs before, so there's nothing too terribly different about a fried bratwurst.

P.S. I struggled really hard to find a picture of a bratwurst that I wanted to put up, but they're all a little repulsive. This was what I came up with :)