Day 190: A Yoga-ing We Go...

Holy Moly Batman, am I behind or what??

The answer to that question is obviously yes, I am unbelievably behind on this blog, although believe you me, I am doing New Things up to my eyeballs. So many New Things I can't even blog about them all.

This little post is about to turn into a life update, because that's what I do. Okay, so, where to start. Ummm...yes, Thursday is where I left off. Right now, I'm diving DEEP into the Atlanta Yoga Scene thing, and I am on a month-long yoga studio binge. There are about 50 studios that I know of, and I've made it my mission to visit half of them within the next 4-6 weeks. I feel like I've gotta get out and meet the people I'm talking about all the time and to take my own medicine--trying new styles, new teachers, new classes, workshops and more. I've gotten a lot of offers for free classes all around town (this little thing is paying for itself in free classes!) and am having a ball visiting them all.

But with that comes BUSY BUSY BUSY.

I've got a boyfriend, a new puppy, a 9-5 job, Atlanta Yoga Scene stuff (website-ing, classes, calling people, oy my!), calling the insurance people (got in a teeny tiny, un-noticeable fender bender (New Thing number oh-why-are-we-counting is that I damaged the first car I ever bought by myself)) and my sanity to keep juggling, and, I'm afraid, this past week's blogging has taken a back seat.

But the New Things have not!!

On Day 190 (sweet baby Jesus, I've got 175 days left!): I went to Oni Fitness in Vinings for a free Candlelight yoga class.

I didn't necessarily love it and I wouldn't have it on my schedule if I had a yoga studio, but the Oni people were very generous in letting me come to check it out.

Funny story came from that though--I realized that explaining AYS is REALLY hard to do for people who aren't immediately familiar with blogging. I talked to this one woman, and our conversation went like this:

Me: Hi I'm Leah, I run a webiste called Atlanta Yoga Scene that's got all the teachers, classes and events going on in Atlanta, it's pretty cool.

Girl: Oh wow, so you're an editor?

Me: No, I write the content.

Girl: Wow, so you wrote Oni's website?

Me: No, it's my own website, I put it together and it's a blog for what's going on in yoga in Atlanta.

Girl: *quizzical look* What do you write about?

Me: Things happening in Atlanta yoga, you know, events, classes I like, teachers doing cool things, studios opening, that kind of stuff...

Girl: Oh *another quizzical look* why?

Me: Because I thought people might use it and like it and maybe one day, if it ever becomes profitable, I could do it full time.

Girl: Ah, I get it, you teach yoga in Atlanta!!

Me: *face palm* I...tell...people...what'!!

*fume a little*

*recognize I'm fuming*

*deep cleansing, yogic breaths*

I don't think she joined my Facebook group.

It's time to clean up the pitch a little...


  1. What was it that you didn't love so much about Oni? I'm planning to check it out tomorrow.

  2. I'm just not a huge Candlelight yoga fan. Even if it were at any other studio, I'd probably not like it. I know some people like it a lot and get a lot of relaxation out of it, but I'm just not one of those people.

    Oni itself offers a lot of awesome stuff though!