Day 191: Splish Splash, Mago's Taking a Bath!!

Having a new puppy makes doing New Things pretty easy, and Day 191's New Thing was that I gave a puppy a bath. I grew up with two dogs, but for whatever reason, I have no recollection of ever washing them. I was there while my mom would wash them, and I'd help her out where I could, but I never actually did the wholle deed myself.

Until Day 191. Prior to washing said puppy, Mark and I went to Kroger to pick up a good puppy shampoo. There were the classic choices like Tail and Mane, but what really struck our fancy? Fur So Fresh.

Yes M'dears, this puppy shampoo, for a whopping $6.00 was literally called Fur So Fresh and contained more delicious smelling ingredients and hair promises that I bet the dog's fur enjoyed more pampering than I give my own locks. But it was the last bottle in the store, clearly indicating that it was in high demand and very worth it.


So here's what ensued:

He's getting so BIG!


  1. I need to come meet this little guy.

  2. It's much cheaper to buy baby shampoo and it works just as well. Even most vets recommend it. It's a great money-saver during the puppy years because puppies tend to get filthy every 20 minutes somehow...

  3. Confession: I didn't ask the vets what to use. Now that we have the F-so-F, I'll stick with it for the moment, but I'll keep the baby shampoo in mind!