Day 178: This is mostly a post to show off my cute puppy...

Day 178 was nothing short of BEAUTIFUL. And I mean, first-day-of-Spring, break-out-the-sundresses beautiful. Mark and I decided that we'd want to go eat outside somewhere, and we wanted to bring Mago along. It just so happens that there is a great little restaurant just across Roswell Rd. from my apartment called Nancy G's that has a puppy patio, complete with a menu for people and puppies. Instead of driving over to the restaurant that was no more than a half a mile away (SUCH a beautiful day) we decided to walk, making day 178 the first time I walked along Roswell Road as well as the first time I dined on a puppy patio.
Hanging out with mom
Basking in the sun!
Later, Mago met George, Mark's 150-pound golden retriever. Mago has no idea how small he is and George has no idea how big he is, so they got along swimmingly.

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