Day 181: Juice Cleanse, Day Two

Juice Cleanse Day Two went an awful lot like juice cleanse Day One. I drank juice and water, didn't eat food, and generally felt pretty good throughout the day. I'm still disappointed at how easy this was.

By "easy" I mean easy-in-all-ways-except-drinking-the-juice. One of the last cups of juice I had was really pulpy, and, combined with the sourness of the whole thing, kinda made me feel like I was drinking vomit. Needless to say, I didn't make it very far through the second gallon.

Did I want to eat food? Yes, of course. But there wasn't much need to do it because I was full on juice, feeling good and committed to goal.

The end of the day was pretty hard because I was starting to feel irritable and pretty tired, but I don't even know if those things were related to the cleanse. Sometimes I'm just irritable, especially when the puppy was dragging me around, acting up, and pooping in the apartment. I also wake up at 6:30 AM, so staying up past 10:30 generally makes me tired.

Otherwise, when I woke up on Day 182 (the day after the cleanse), I felt really, really good, as if I had been eating well for a couple of days and drinking lots of water. That was really the purpose of the cleanse after all, detoxify and rejuvenate. I don't think my hair was shinier, or my skin brighter. My pants fit the same and I didn't lose any noticeable weight, but I did feel rejuvenated. So much so that I'd actually do this again. Like, make a ritual out of it.

This isn't a great, dramatic, horrifying story that makes great blog fodder, but it was a good learning experience! I would recommend it for anyone needing a pick-me-up after the holiday season, after vacations, after bouts of bad eating, as the seasons change.

Honestly, I'm all into this cleansing thing :)


  1. Cool to hear how upbeat you have been with it (minus the inevitable irritability that accompanies any cleanse). Marta Gazman does a juice/raw foods detox that's no joke. It's mostly vegetable juices (and by juice, I mean more so of smoothie, so you get all the pulp and what not) for 3 days (I think). Then, raw foods that she supplies for 3 days (I think). If cleansing is your thing, you should definitely give that a try and contact her.

  2. That definitely sounds pretty cool! Have you done it?

    I'm definitely going to try another type of cleanse the next time around (no more grapefruit and lemon for me, thank you). I'll check her out. Thanks for the heads up!