Day 175: Drinking a Shorty

On Day 175, I went to 5 Seasons Brewery to have a couple drinks and hang out with my friends Tasha and Brian. For some reason, I was especially, um, thirsty? (eager to drown my sorrows?) and was drinking my adult beverages a little more quickly than the others. I had finished two beers in ravenous display, while the others at the table were only halfway through their second roung. The server came up to me to see if I wanted another, to which I said, mostly jokingly, "If you have a half-sy, I'd do it, but otherwise, I'm fine."

Didn't expect him to ACTUALLY have a half-sy, which, by the way, is called a "shorty." Who knew such a thing existed? Not I, until I learned what a shorty was and, unable to back out of the proposition, I drank one.

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