Day 172: Mago

On Day 172, Mark and I adopted a puppy. He is a "bulldog mix" which we think may mean a "Bea-Bull" or a beagle-bulldog mix. His name is Mago, named after one of Mark's favorite authors, Jose Saramago. We adopted him from the Atlanta Humane Society, a place I recommend highly.

No need to tell the story, I'll just make you jealous with pictures!!

The sweet face that runs up to me when I get home!
His eye color is especially pretty!!
After lots of playtime, he's conked out!!


  1. OK, he is just the sweetest thing I have ever seen! So, so CUTE! Can Mago and Hamilton be best friends?

    And I have always wanted to adopt a puppy for a shelter! I'm so happy you got to!

  2. Mago and Hammy could be excellent friends! Mago needs an older dog to show him how to be calm :)

  3. There's bulldog in there??? I see that he likes my corner of the couch!


  4. The vet says he's predominately bulldog! I don't see it yet. We think he may get more bulldog-y as he gets older.

    He definitely LOVES your corner :)