Day 173: "Leah, You Look Like Cousin Itt"

I go to yoga straight from work most days, meaning I have to carry my yoga clothes in my car. What I fail to remember pretty much, oh, every day of the week, without fail, is a hair tie. It's a running joke now that every time I go into the studio, I need a hair tie. You would think that I would learn at some point, but alas, I haven't.

On Day 173, I was feeling really guilty about taking YET ANOTHER hair tie. Instead of asking and subjecting myself to the laughs, I didn't put my hair up into a ponytail. Then it struck me that that was aNew Thing, right? Yoga class with my hair down!

Well, no later than 10 minutes into the class I was drowning in my own hair, which, in all of its thickness and length was just impossible to keep out of my face for even a minute. This didn't escape anyone's attention, so, Urusla, my yoga teacher says, "Leah, darling, you look like Cousin Itt, would you like for me to get you a hair tie?"

And I, more embarrassed than had I asked for the rubber band before class, said yes.

Lesson: stock the car with hair ties, and never go to class without one again.


  1. But with a fantastic downward-facing dog!

  2. A small, but significant redemption!