Day 183: A Not-So-Random Act of Kindness

One of my New Thing hopefuls this year was to pay the toll for the person behind me. We only have one real toll road in Atlanta and I hardly ever drive it, due mostly to the fact that the roads I travel most typically avoid the toll, and I think my GPS defaults to avoiding tolls. On Day 183, I had been invited to be a guest at a yoga class at Kashi Urban Yoga Ashram in downtown Atlanta, giving me a perfectly legitimate reason to drive this toll road and complete this New Thing.

I got to the booth, gave the booth attendant a dollar and said "...get the car behind me too."

I drove off a little slower than necessary to try to get an inkling of surprise in the car behind me. While I can't be exactly sure of what happened, I'm pretty sure I saw the guy in the car pay his 50 cents and not be corrected by the booth attendant.

Ho hum.

Maybe Karma is paying attention?

For some reason, I agreed to go to a 6:00 class, despite the fact that working in Roswell means my commute would be 25 miles (and 40 minutes without traffic), through a toll booth and into, undoubtedly, some of the worst gridlock in America. Needless to say, I didn't make it on time, and had to drive my car back through the toll on the other side.

Life is just like that some days...

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