Day 165: City Block of Books

This day in Portland was on the rainy/drizzly/icky-to-be-outside kind of day. Not to be deterred from seeing all the things we wanted to see in the limited time we were in Portland, we headed over to Powell's City of Books.

Powell's is a book lovers dream, and, being who I am, I had to check it out. Powell's bookstore is a three-story building that covers an entire city block. All three stories are an over-stimulating, labyrinthine array of floor-to-ceiling shelves and nooks, with people in literally every aisle. It's stocked with new books, used books, former library books, old books, out-of-print books, rare books, textbooks, kid's books and in every conceivable genre.

I mean, Paradise! I could get lost in there for years. Like, I'd love to hide in a corner and be locked in overnight. Or become the resident hermit who can be spotted on occasion. People will say, "There goes hermit Leah!" as I scuffle from one side of the store to the other. This place is simply splendid.

And after hanging out for a while, we moved on to more good eating and drinking and Portlandia things.

But I may move back just for the bookstore.


  1. Powell's! My jealously knows no bounds!

    If you ever come to Jax, I'll take you to Chamblins. It isn't as large but it is still wonderful. Probably my favorite place in Jax.

  2. I totally thought of you while I was there!! I was thinking of all of my booky friends and where they would likely be seen in this store. :)

  3. Let's go be roommates there. Is there such a thing as co-hermits?