Day 188: Pooper Scooper

I hope my property manager isn't reading this. So, I live in an apartment that allows pets and has lots of green area for them to roam around in. They're also really helpful in that they have conveniently, strategically placed poop bags and trash cans around particularly appealing poo areas.

Now, being a new puppy owner, I still think scooping poop is gross. I'm sorry. Especially when it's warm. So, I haven't been especially diligent about scooping Mago's poo outside.

Frankly, I have had to pick up PLENTY of it inside the apartment, so the thought of scooping up every poo, even the, um, less-than-hard ones, is less than appealing. But on Day 188, after noticing how much poo is not scooped around the apartment complex, and how annoying this must be for the landscapers and property managers, I decided it was time to scoop Mago's poo.

Now, I am a pooper scooper.

No pictures necessary.

1 comment:

  1. The best thing to do is to get yourself one of those touch-free pooper scooper. It's a lot easier and much more convenient to clean up stools with this stuff.