Day 164: Hanging out in Beervana

I'm struggling a little with what to write here. See, when traveling, every road you walk, meal you have, person you meet, event you encounter, etc. is a New Thing. Instead of going out of my way to do New Things for the blog, I was letting the travel winds take me to New Things as they happened.

This is well and good, because the whole day was filled with adventures, but I can't quite put my finger on the one New Thing that's worth talking about more than any other. Could you accept it if I said that I spent day 163 exploring Portland?

That I ate breakfast at the Roxy, right next to a signed picture from Tim Curry and got creamer for my coffee out of a baby bottle? And I explored the Lan Su gardens in Chinatown? That I walked across the Morrison Bridge on the coldest day in 3 years? That I tasted beer that you can only find in Portland at the Hair of the Dog brewery? That I went to the number one ranked Portland restaurant on Lonely Planet (Cafe Montage) and decided it wasn't that good? That I accidentally stole a slap bracelet from a costume store? That I hung out with locals that all looked exactly like each other at the Lucky Lab? That I went to the Rogue Distillery and Brewpub where I consoled a couple about marrying each other, even though they'll likely divorce?

I don't know which one is the most blog worthy, but the culmination of all made the day exceptionally awesome and unforgettable, so I hope you accept that ever-so-slight cop out of a New Thing.

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