Day 177: Making Lunch

Now that we have Mago, Mark comes back to our apartment for his lunch break to take him out and hang out with him.

Mark told me on Thursday that he wasn't eating lunch when he came home, and I thought that was perfectly unacceptable. I'm big on eating three meals a day, I don't understand how people don't eat breakfast, and I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, joyously. I'm a health nut, I guess. I expect everyone to be the same.

So instead of let the dog dictate that Mark wouldn't eat, I made sure that the dog dictated that he did, meaning I made Mark lunch and made sure Mago was a participant. Mago and I made Mark a sandwich and gave him an apple as a side dish and girl scout cookies as dessert (Mago picked out the girl scout cookies!). Then, Mago wrote Mark a note that said, "I am so happy you come home and play with me on your lunch break, so I made you lunch to say "Thanks!"

Now I have a good puppy and a healthy boyfriend.

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